micro-essays about dads

from the people who love them

The #greatdad campaign launched in the spring of 2018. In the fall of that year, the creator (a single father), was forced to take a hiatus due to other responsibilities. In the spring of 2019, we are beginning to get the wheels rolling again. All of the infrastructure is in place and just needs a little oiling. Most of the website is currently invisible, but intact. If you have energy to help with this project, please contact joe@offgridkids.org.

Now on to the dads!

All of the dads featured in the #greatdad campaign were nominated by their children, their wives or partners, or other friends and family, which means these men made a lasting impression not only on their children, but on their coworkers, family and friends. Great dads stand out, often for diverse reasons. Click on each photo to find out why.

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