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Joe Brodnik is a father and kindergarten teacher in Taos, New Mexico. The #greatdad campaign is a collaboration between him, local friends and fathers, a handful of mentors, and a small community of online parents. We are actively seeking more collaborators. All of the people involved have failings (not to mention the website). We're fathers, not rocket scientists. We need men and leaders from all walks of life (black, white, religious, wealthy, conservative, liberal and poor) because fatherhood is an issue that affects us all. If you have a criticism then speak it. Let's work on this together. And if the campaign doesn't resonate with your set of folks, help us change that. We want to include you. But please don't quit because the messenger is a dope. If you have just one ounce of hope for a positive and meaningful movement for fathers everywhere - step up and help us create it.