Mike Evans

Michael Evans Trophy.jpg

My boyfriend, Mike Evans, is a #greatdad! We are a family of six, his two and my two. Micheal is always playing with the kids, teaching them things; and though he is new at it, he is often working our horses and farm. He has amazing instincts with the animals. We are raising our kids on a small off grid farm in the hills of New Hampshire. Our eleven-year-old daughter barrel races and Mike is always there to haul hay, load a horse, or help tack up. Cole, age seven, is Mike's sidekick. They're often working with the tractor, cutting firewood, building something... the list goes on. Aubrey, age six, just got her own horse and Mike is teaching her to ride and care for it. Wyatt, or littlest guy, is four and he loves anything with tires! He's always pushing a truck around the yard and stealing his dad's ratchet straps. These kids are so lucky to have Mike for a dad.

Joe Brodnik