Samuel Cullins

Samuel Cullins Trophy.jpg

My husband, Sam Cullins, is a Veteran of the US Navy. When our daughter first arrived his face lit up with a newfound sense of hope and happiness. We had a new mission to complete. After that day we both strove to be our best! Sam is one of the strongest men I know. He fought as a Seabee in the US Navy for seven years, where he gained PTSD, bad hearing and valor. He helped me battle my own addiction while shielding me from utter embarrassment with our then one-year-old daughter. Then we sold our home and left things behind once I was completely sober and moved to Alaska. Now everyday he works in difficult elements to make extra money so I can be a mother while living our dream. I wish more than anything that he could see that he is the best dad ever, because he makes us number one even when we don't feel like it. He puts us first and stops everything to make sure we are together as a unit, and that takes a very hard toll on many fathers, who end up feeling like they are on the sidelines. They are not. They are right at the front. We love you Sam and thank you so much for holding us up when we are down and for wiping our tears (and telling us we are too beautiful to leak tears!). You are the definition of a #greatdad to us!

Joe Brodnik