Sandy Campbell

Sandy Campbell trophy.jpg

Sandy is truly a #greatdad to our two children, Mara and Seamus! He works 50-60 hours a week at a non-profit organization Mexico and somehow manages to be present for our children in every possible way. He helps coach soccer, he takes them camping with school, teaches them the importance of respect and kindness towards other people, and towards the earth. He is an amazing musician and gives the gift of music to our children every day. He helps them with their piano and violin practice and always makes even the most frustrating lessons fun. From hiking in the woods to painting nails, this man does it all, not only for our children, but for many of the children in our community. I am a midwife and he supports our children beautifully during my long days and nights away. A few years ago, I took an intern position in El Paso, Texas and was away for six months. During that time, he was both mama and papa to our children while working full time. They blossomed! He is patient, unbelievably funny, and approaches everything he does with heart and enthusiasm. Thank you for this opportunity to honor him.

Joe Brodnik