Donald Klepper-Smith

Donald Klepper-Smith trophy.jpg

My pappy is a wonderful pappy. He has been a provider, a protector and a clown to me. Even across sometimes insurmountable differences, he has done his best to bridge the gap and support me in my life's journey. He didn't agree with my decision to go to college for music instead of accounting, but he supported me anyway, both financially and also with a willingness to step back from his vision for my life so that I could grow into my own. We have butted heads. A lot. But his willingness to grow as a father and as a person has been an important part of my own learning and growth. His work ethic, determination and commitment to his health have been incorporated into my own life, and his sense of humor and spirituality remain important meeting grounds for us both. I am happy that I have my pappy.

Joe Brodnik