Dustin Andrews

Conservative, funny, healthy, body-builder, cop and organic farmer - this man knows exactly what it takes to be a #greatdad. He is present and always hardworking. He makes continued sacrifices for his family, and is now on the path to building a career that fits us all. As a policeman, he protects not only his community, but the well-being and innocence of his daughter. In the past, he has quit jobs to be there for us. To be able to be there for all the first and important milestones is such a blessing. Not just anyone will do that. He knows what it means to take care of and nurture his fruit, not only as a father, but a husband and farmer as well. We are so proud of him and love him so much! He astounds us each day, with each new word she learns and every new discovery they make together.

Joe Brodnik