Jesse Straight

As a single mom of three children under the age of five, I never dreamed I would meet a man who would not only take on our family but one who would cherish us all. Jesse came into our lives a little over three years ago and even though at first it didn’t come completely natural to him, he worked hard to become a patient, loving and caring dad to these amazing kids. He takes the time to nurture each one - building Legos on the floor with my sons, practicing cartwheels with my daughter at the park, and by all the thousands of small things like homework, stories at bedtime, care while they are sick, etc. In January, we are expecting baby number four and I know, without a doubt, that Jesse’s love for this new baby will match his love for our three. Jesse has given us the world but if you ask him, he would say that I gave it to him by allowing him to be a part of our lives.

Joe Brodnik