Grayson Bottom

My husband is a stay at home father of our two sons, ages three and seven. What makes him amazing is that he gave up his job as an accountant to do so. Our seven-year-old was diagnosed with autism at age two and has severe Sensory Processing Disorder. My husband was diagnosed at the same time, with autism. He took the news as a relief, as an answer to the "why am I different?" question. He immediately threw himself into the role of primary caregiver, understanding that he was best to assist with our oldest. He had a unique (one up) on other dads since he truly understood what our son was going through.

We were surprised by my second pregnancy. As a result of making too much money, we did not qualify for any subsidies. Grayson decided that since we would be paying someone else to raise our children, totaling thousands a month in daycare costs, that he would quit his job and do it himself. I am beyond blessed to have a man that has the patience and love to be at home with our children. He spends hours playing blocks or re-reading the same story five times. He feeds, clothes and cuddles my little boys every day. Grayson is a #greatdad!

Joe Brodnik