There are LOTS of resources for fathers out there. Below are a few places to start. The #greatdad campaign is not an attempt to duplicate the good work men and women all over the world are doing in the name of fatherhood. It is merely an attempt to unite us as fathers and men.

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This funny and informative website is a breath of fresh air compared to most of the dry material for dads out there today. With info for dads who are expecting all the way through the teenage years, this site has vast resources for real dads. And you might actually enjoy reading it.

The Fathering Project

This website, a non-profit affiliated with the University of Western Australia, is a good resource for dads and those interested in supporting dads. Unlike other fatherhood "projects", it provides research-based advice for everyday fathers in a way that is not too heavy-handed. If you like heavy hands, or are interested in more of the statistics and research, check out The Fatherhood Initiative.

Manhood by Steve Biddulph

This excellent and simple read broaches the key elements in any man's life, including being a son and being a father. A great read for any man interested in a masculinity that transcends machismo, it does occasionally reveal Biddulph's progressive leanings. So, if liberal ideas turn you off you may prefer to check out the link below. Biddulph's Raising Boys and Raising Girls are also excellent resources.

Top 7 Conservative Books on Fatherhood

Recommended by the Conservative Book Club, these titles range from memoir (Michael Reagan and Clarence Thomas) to tips and advice from one of the nation's top experts on parenting (Meg Meeker). The website is a bit clunky, but the books are great reads for dads with conservative values.

Becoming Dad, Black Men and the Journey to Fatherhood by Leonard Pitts Jr.

An unflinching investigation by Pulitzer Prize winning writer Leonard Pitts Jr., this book is both a personal and journalistic inventory of black fatherhood in America. Good stuff for dads both black and white.

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